A Group for all in a relationship with a Turk

    Hi Welcome to the Forum


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    Hi Welcome to the Forum

    Post  Sam on Thu Jan 01, 2009 1:02 pm


    Im Sam i have started this forum to give members better freedom of what can be posted on the forum as MSN is closing and Facebook can only do so much,

    So i will start with a little bit about me.

    Im 29 and have been in a relationship with my Boyfriend since May last year although i have had previous relationships with a Kurdish man and my previous boyfriend is Turkish.

    i know a group such as this can be a big help to women as we all are or have been in the same boat.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions or would like to see something on the group please let me know as it's the Members NOT the forums that makes a forum into a sucessful one.

    Sam x santa rendeer

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