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    Busted for Playing Bingo


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    Busted for Playing Bingo

    Post  Sam on Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:37 am

    FIFTEEN British residents were ‘arrested’ and six fined by police yesterday (FRI DEC 19) after they were caught playing bingo on a charity night organized for a woman recovering from cancer.

    It was a full house at the Pyramid Bar as about 60 people gathered for a surprise fund-raiser for Didim-based Ruby Myrescough who was diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago.

    But the night was interrupted as undercover police officers, acting on a tip off, raided the bar at about 10.30pm and began quizzing residents, and asking for their identification.

    Chief of Didim Police Yalçın Akalınlı, told Voices that his officers had carried out the raid after they had acted on two complaints from the public about the Pyramid Bar allowing gambling – in this case bingo – there.

    He said that the operation was launched as bingo is seen as a form of unregulated gambling in Turkey and against the law.

    Fifteen residents, suspected of playing the bingo game, were taken to Altinkum police station and asked to sign a number of forms. After a number of hours, six were fined 125 YTL each, while others were allowed to go free.

    Chief of Didim Police Akalınlı added that Pyramid Bar had not been fined but would be closed down for a number of days.

    The atmosphere back at the Pyrmaid Bar was one of anger as the night had been planned in honour of Mrs Myrescough who has raised thousands of pounds for charity back in the UK.

    She underwent emergency surgery in Turkey and faces the prospect of expensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The charity night had been organized to help cover her medical costs.

    At Altinkum police station, a furious Jacqui Zyane, who was allowed to leave without charge and a fine, said: “I couldn’t believe it when the police came in through the doors and began questioning people about their id. But it seems they had come because bingo was allegedly being played.

    “The night had been organized for a special purpose to help a lady in need and this is what happens. I am very, very angry at what has happened.”

    Pauline and Mike Ellington, who have lived in Altinkum for three years, were having their final drink before heading back to the UK for Christmas. They had gone there to meet a friend.

    Mrs Ellington said: “I hope I don’t get a criminal record for playing bingo. It is disgusting as the night was for a good cause. The police came in and asked for our passports.

    “We have been hauled out of there as if we are common criminals. I think some at the bar thought it was part of the entertainment on the night.”

    Mr Bryan Clarke, from Crewe, had walked in to the bar AFTER the raid after being called by his worried wife Sheila. But both were still taken to the police station.

    Mr Clarke said: “I wasn’t even there when the raid took place but as I turned up as my wife was worried, they decided that we should both be fined. Yet neither she or I were playing bingo.”

    Meanwhile, back at the bar, Mrs Myrescough’s husband Tyree, said: “It had the makings of a great night, but unfortunately it was not be. The bar was able to hold a night for a Turkish boy two weeks ago and there wasn’t any problems.”

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